Fire Suppression

Absolute quality is assured when sourcing parts from eagle brass Components, a crucial requirement for companies within the Fire Suppression industry. Builders familiar with the cost-effective, high-performing PEX tubing used to plumb homes are now using this same product to feed new multi-purpose fire sprinkler systems. As the leader in serving the PEX market prior to this industry shift, we are now producing the brass components for this growing sector.


Eagle brass Components provides a number of machined and high speed forged components to the compressed gas industry. From nuts to valves, Brass is the preferred material and Eaglebrass has more than 21 years’ experience. Safety, spark resistance and guarding against leakage are primary concerns for this industry. Given these important requirements, brass is the preferred material for producing components for this market. We manufacture precision components for flexible gas applications as our corrosion-resistant brass fittings can help minimize risks. These parts can be precision machined or high-speed forged and are manufactured under stringent process controls, providing the utmost in product consistency, quality and value. Our design capabilities help reduce raw material costs and improve productivity in the machining cycle.


The Heating and Ventilation industry is the largest product sector for Eaglebrass. We supply components to some of the largest multi-national companies across world. Our customers rely on us to develop new products to ensure cost effectiveness. Typically, components for this industry tend to be quite complex


Eagle brass Components supports over the Road Applications through innovation and manufacturing of components used in automatic tire inflation and airbrake assemblies. Innovative machining, assembly and additional value added services offer critical advantage in a competitive market. Brass fittings are widely used in airbrake, automatic tire inflation, air suspension, engine braking and many cab, chassis and trailer applications. These brass fittings have advantages over composite fittings including: durability, secure sealing under high vibration conditions and resistance to over torturing. We develop, manufacture and assemble these components to fit various port styles and ensure all DOT standards and requirements are met.


High Speed Forging of metal components brings economies of scale to commercial and residential HVAC and compressor assemblies. Forged brass components offer the further benefit of high reliability in pressurized applications. High speed forging is applicable beyond brass nuts and fittings to include directional fittings as well. We have become a trusted supplier of high-precision machined and forged brass and alloy components for this market. We incorporate proprietary technologies to produce a variety of threaded nuts, forged items and specialty turned products used on compressors and pneumatic one touch fittings, ice makers and various other refrigeration assemblies. We ensure compatibility with the newest refrigerants and oils, delivering optimum operation over a wide range of temperatures.


We help buyers meet their production commitments by providing a consistent, reliable machining partner that they can repeatedly turn to for support. Our care and attention to detail starts with each enquiry. On receiving an order, we conduct a comprehensive contract review and our commitment to quality involves first-off, in process and final inspection by dedicated inspectors.


Medical Industries does not stand still, with new less intrusive operations being carried out daily. It is important to invest and support the development of these lifesaving treatments. Eaglebrass understands the needs for privacy and non-disclosure agreements in this sector, with new technology comes tight competition. We are also working alongside our customers to understand their product needs, helping with production advice, design advice and cost reduction. Difficult-to-work materials are machined to high levels of accuracy and surface finish for applications as diverse as stems for dentist’s drills, gas bottle fittings and instrument parts for keyhole surgery. Some assembly work is carried out at customers’ requests. Eaglebrass understands the importance of producing reliable and clean parts direct to our customers. We offer PPAP report with new projects along with other in-process reporting. We produced parts used for surgical tools, Key hole, camera, pumps and motors, controls and fitting, regulators and many more.


A highly competitive industry with parts being manufactured all over the world. Large production volumes command low prices, but customers do not always want them to be delivered in one batch (hit). Eaglebrass are able to help. We manufacture goods in large production batches (sometimes annual requirements) to ensure cost effectiveness, but we will dispatch goods to customer scheduled requirements. We hold stock for up to 12 months enabling our customers to manage inventory on a monthly basis without being penalized by holding a large amount of stock.


Eagle brass Components has supplied a large number of components to this sector over the years. Some of the most complex components that you would not usually associate with being manufactured on multi-spindles were developed and produced by Eaglebrass for the Telecommunication industry. Telecom Industries components like brass pin, brass round pin, hex pin, square pin and many more types of pins and parts.


Eagle brass Components producing brass components and parts for Textile industries that can be used in many types of textile machineries.


Eagle brass Components provides a wide range of accessories for Water Treatment Plants & Systems to meet customer’s demands. The parts and accessories include automatic shut-off valves, adapter, ball valve, bracket, brass ball valve, check valve, clamp, cut-down pressure valve, copper connector, cap of ever pure, flow restrictions, faucet adapter, leak detector, liquid level control switch, mixer valve, needle valve, solenoid valve, way valve for FRP tank. We provide customers with the best quality with reasonable-price products.