At eagle GROUP we are committed to staying at the top of our industry through continuous investment in technology.

Processing Material : Brass BS 2874, CZ 121, UNS 36000, BS 249 & Special Copper Alloy Such as Lead Free Brass
Machining Facility : Brass Bar Turning & Machining on Automatic
Drilling & Turning Machine
Brass Bar CNC Machining and Turning
Brass Forging plus CNC Machining
Brass Billet Cutting Machine + CNC Machining
Major Types of Components We Produce : Inserts, Terminals, Heater Components, Solar Components, Screws / Fasteners, Pins, Stampings, Forgings, Precision Turned Components, Micro Turned Components, Plastic Moulding Inserts, Pneumatic And any other customized components
Machining Operations: Turning, Drilling, Milling, Broaching, Drilling & tapping, Plastic Moulding, Forging, Grinding, Stamping and Sub Assembly
Surface Treatment: Natural, Nickel, Chromium, Tin and Silver
Processing Range: 1 mm to 200 mm Diameter
Design Aid Software: AutoCAD 3D, 3D Max Studio
ASSEMBLY & KITTING: Eagle brass can provide specially assembled products for our customers. Kitting is an expansion to our Assembly operations. We can kit products for sale to the end-user or for later use your customers.
SPECIAL PACKAGING: Eagle brass provides a wide range of special packaging options for our customers. We are experts in packaging single and multiple unit products that meet a variety of specifications.
PRIVATE LABELING: From label logos to fully printed packaging, eagle brass can meet all your labelling needs.
Machine Equipment’s CNC Automatic Turning Machine
Trouble Type Automatic Machine
DTS double Cam Shaft Automatic Lathe
Multi Station Rotary Disc Transfer Indexing Machines
Profile Drawing Machine
3/4 Turning Machine Automatic Trouble
Milling Machine
Special Purpose Milling Machine
Special Purpose Section Cutting Machine
Special Purpose Drilling Machines
1/2 Drilling Machine
Special Purpose Threading Machine
1/2 Threading Machine
1/2 Tool Grinders
1 1/2″ Special Automatic Trouble
1″ Special Automatic Trouble
Power Press 10 Ton Capacity
Hand Press
Centrifugal Deburring/ Polishing Machine